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Collapsed drain, sewer pipes or septic tank problems

Collapsed drain, sewer pipes or septic tank problems

Septic tank and collapsed or damaged drain pipe problems


Problems with your waste pipes or septic system ?

Many property owners that experience septic tank problems and damaged or non functioning sewage treatment plants look to covering the cost of the septic tank repairs or septic tank replacement themselves. This can bring associated bills and septic system costs totaling thousands of Euros when it could be feasible to claim on their home insurance. Claims Assist Ireland work in partnership with some of the best septic tank companies and drain specialist companies in Ireland to resolve problems with septic tanks, cesspools, sewage treatment plants, damaged underground pipes and collapsed sewer pipes to name a few.

Have you got sewage treatment plant or septic tank problems such as a blocked percolation area, build up at the inspection chambers on the septic tank system or collapsed drain pipe?

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We can help with a wide range of septic tank problems, including external drainage insurance and damaged sewer / damaged drain pipe repairs, collapsed drain repair. Your collapsed drains symptoms and septic tank problems can range from possible tree root damage to percolation area or drainage field pipe work or septic tanks, cracks or fractures to septic tanks that may affect the structural stability or containment of raw sewerage, broken dip pipes or T-pipes on the outlet, collapsed/damaged baffles,  tanks that have ‘popped’ out of the ground (even if only by a few inches), or tanks or pipe work that have been damaged by vehicle movement above ground or other accidental septic tank damage leading to a septic system not functioning as normal or a collapsed drain pipe and damaged drain pipe needing repairs.


Septic tank problems that may not covered by your insurance policy?


So you are experiencing septic tank problems and damaged sewage pipes, damaged drain pipe but your not sure what the root cause of the problems is (pardon the ‘root’ pun!). A wrongly designed system or non compliant system with the newer EPA guidelines would likely not be covered by home insurance or a business insurance policy. The first step is to identify the septic tank problem or drain pipe damage and drain pipe problem.

At Claims Assist Ireland we are positioned to advise once the septic tank system or drain pipe has been inspected by a professional drain company or septic tank company. To begin you can take the following action

– Either (A): contact Claims Assist Ireland nationwide insurance loss assessors & independent loss adjusters on 1890 – 929555 and we will advise you on the best course of action based upon the information you provide our drain, sewer and septic tank insurance advisory.

– Or (B): If no assessment of the septic tank problems or drain pipe damage has been undertaken we have a panel of drain companies and septic tank companies that cover your area and county in Ireland. These are our local drain and sewer specialists including :

If your based in counties Westmeath, Kildare, Meath or Offaly:

MOBILE : 086 8032603

If your based in Dublin – Dublin city, Dublin county and surrounding counties.




Call FREEPHONE: 1800-844112

If you have a septic tank system or off mains waste system – Septic Systems Ireland cover all counties nationwide.

Pat & Sean at Septic Systems Ireland


MOBILE : 087-7817953



External drainage insurance – insurance advice for drains and sewer damage claims

⁃             These panel of drain & sewer companies and septic tank specialists are working with Claims assist Ireland for many years and provide the best advice and value for money to clients whether they be homeowners or business owners. Once contacted their specialist drain engineers come equipped with the technology to clear and unblock drain pipes to allow assessment of the damage or drain pipe collapse or septic tank problems including drain CCTV survey. Having worked with Claims assist Ireland and being insurance approved drain repair and septic system repair company’s They fully understand when to contact your insurance loss assessor as in their professional opinion your drain damage or septic tank problems present a valid claim when handled carefully and submitted under the guidance of an insurance loss assessor.

⁃             WAIT ! – Don’t pay out for the septic tank repair or septic tank replacement, drain pipe repair or sewer pipe repairs – get advice from your nationwide ‘No win – no fee’ Loss assessors. Claims assist Ireland – specialist loss assessors call 1890 – 929555 today for damaged drains insurance claims advice for drains and sewers and underground pipe damage we can advise on the validity of your insurance claim.