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Burst Pipes | Water Leaks | Fire Damage | Insurance Claims

Burst Pipes | Water Leaks | Fire Damage | Insurance Claims

Need Help with Water Leak or Fire Damage in your Home? Call our Local Loss Assessors in Galway, Limerick, Dublin & Athlone now on 1890 929 555

At Claims Assist Ireland we have vast experience in handling all types of property damage insurance claims. One of the more common claims we handle for homeowners and landlords is water damage resulting from leaking pipes.

Whether its from a burst pipe in an attic or  an undetected under floor  slow leaking pipe, it all amounts to the same thing, a major disruption in your home or property.

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After suffering a water leak or a burst pipe to your home, panic can set in. Some typical questions that may arise are;

  • How to stop a water leak?
  • How long will it take water damage to dry?
  • Will my insurance cover water damage?
  • How do I report an insurance claim?
  • How can I estimate the total water damage?
  • What to do after a leak?

As experts in water damage and insurance claims processing, we are in an ideal position to provide you with all the answers that you may require in the event of water damage to your home.

Call us now on 1890 929 555 to talk to our team of expert insurance assessors in Galway, Limerick, Dublin & Cork.

Recently Settled Water Damage Claim

Here is a video of a water damage claim we were recently called out to in South Dublin. The cause of this leak was due to the ballcock in the attic tank getting stuck and this in turn allowed a substantial amount of water to continually fill the tank. This water then overflowed and escaped to numerous rooms below. There was extensive water damage to the ceilings, walls, flooring, electrics and contents.

After noticing all the water damage to her house, this homeowner immediately called us to arrange for one of our experienced local plumbers to stop the water leak. We then immediately reported the claim to her insurance company and arranged for temporary accommodation in a nearby hotel due to the damage being so extensive and her home was uninhabitable.

Insurance Assessors Dublin & Athlone

Within 24 hours, we had an appointment scheduled with the insurance company’s loss adjuster. The role of the adjuster is to act solely on behalf of the insurance company and to minimise the claim payout as much as possible.

Our role as the homeowners Loss Assessor is to manage the claim from start to finish and get the maximum claim settlement that they are entitled to under the terms of their policy.

Once on site with the insurance adjuster we provide evidence of all the damage and agree the full scope of repair works. With our vast experience in property water damage claims and insurance policies, we ensure that you get all the resultant damage covered in your claim, not only the obvious visible damage but also the invisible damage that may not show up for a number of weeks/months.

On receiving approval from the homeowners insurance company, Claims Assist can arrange a Flood Damage Repair Specialist to begin stripping out the damaged parts of the building and drying out works/duhumidification.

Where water leak damage has occurred, it is essential that swift action is taken to reduce mould growth and to minimise further damage to the building and contents, starting this process immediately is essential.

As well as all site meetings with insurance adjusters, we also;

  1. Complete all required Claim Forms, Paperwork etc.
  2. Prepare, compile, cost and quantify your claim comprehensively to ensure that you receive your maximum claim settlement.
  3. Arrange alternative accommodation if necessary.
  4. We can get competitive repair quotes from registered, experienced, local contractors.
  5. Negotiate the best settlement figure with your insurance company and their loss adjuster.
  6. We ensure a swift claim settlement.

How to Report my Water Damage Insurance Claim

To report your claim and to avail of our loss assessing services for your water leak insurance claim, call us now on 1890 929 555.

We work on a “no win no fee” basis and we provide a Nationwide Service.

We have local insurance assessors in Galway, Limerick, Cork, Dublin, Sligo and Athlone.

Stages of a Water Damage Insurance Claim

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