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We provide our home insurance claim management & home insurance claim assistance service for all types of damage or loss that can occur at your home or property, and many types of incidents big and small can occur to instigate a home owner or home insurance policy holder to have to make a claim. But some things are similar for all types of home insurance claim – they are complex with policy terms and conditions to be understood. This is where your home insurance assessor can provide insurance claim help.  Your insurance company is a business and will want to pay out the minimum possible on a claim. As claim loss assessors we work on behalf of the insurance policy holder to ensure they get an independent damage assessor to help in the insurance claim process & our loss assessor will work to get the maximum settlement that they are entitled to for any home insurance claim that they make. If you want to have your home insurance claim expertly represented in the home insurance claim process and settled quickly and to your satisfaction – Call our home insurance assessor team today on 1890 929 555

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Our ‘No win – No Fee’ service includes the following for all home insurance claims:
1. We will meet you at your earliest convenience to discuss the circumstances surrounding your insurance claim.
2. Our insurance claim help includes a Review of the policy cover.
3. Inform you on what you are entitled to under the terms of your home insurance policy, this allows you to concentrate on getting your home back to normal while we professionally handle your insurance claim.
4. Our home insurance assessor will Advise you on emergency measures if possible or required.
5. Our home insurance claim process includes Advice on steps to get the damage repaired or loss recovered again as soon as possible. Allowing you to get back to normal.
6. Notify your insurance company of the claim.
7 .Our Claim Management includes Meeting your insurance company’s Loss Adjuster at the property.
8. Provide our panel of leading experts & contractors – all insurance industry approved
(Chartered Engineers, Chartered surveyors, approved building & repair contractors, Drain & chimney CCTV survey companies, etc.)
9. Calculate and compile the claim to include all losses suffered as a result of the insured peril.
10. The insurance claim process may require our loss assessor to Negotiate the claim with your insurance company’s Loss Adjuster to ensure you get the best possible settlement in your home insurance claim.
11. Our loss assessor will ensure the cheque is paid without delay. Keep you informed of all the developments throughout the course of the claim.
These are 11 Steps to a satisfactory outcome to your insurance claims & recovering your loss.
Claims Assist – Surveying Services
In many property related cases, a serious claim will require the services of a specialist surveyor or structural engineer. Our property professionals are highly experienced at producing schedules for insurance claim purposes, ensuring that all aspects of repairs and entitlements are covered. We offer a full contract management and tender submission of building claims service, along with advice on statutory obligations and building control.
If your claim requires the services of a surveyor or engineer, we will agree the scope of work and fee level on your behalf, to ensure that costs not covered by your policy are not incurred.
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