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Personal Injury Claims

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Personal Injury Claims

Make an accident claim

When you have been involved in an accident, that through no fault of your own has caused you a personal injury, then you will be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Claims Assist Ireland have a wealth of experience in dealing with personal injury claims of all types including professional negligence claims, holiday accident claims, Accidents in the Workplace, Road Traffic Accident Claims, all types of trips, slip and fall or medical negligence cases and claims. Our specialist personal injury team of claims assessors & personal injury solicitors are ready to advise and discuss your accident on our personal injury helpline 1890 929 555

If You’ve Been Injured In An Accident You May Be Entitled to Personal injury compensation and a LARGE Financial Settlement!

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Personal injury compensation, What can I claim for?

You can claim for any injury that you have suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence. This can be either physical or psychological and can have occured anywhere from an accident at work, road accident to a slip and fall. You can also claim for financial losses which were incurred as a direct result of the accident, for example medical bills or lost income; generally speaking accident compensation is any injury or loss directly attributable to the accident and in personal injury cases or personal injury settlements it can be claimed for, allowing you to take time to recover without the financial worry.

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How can Claims Assist Ireland help me with my Personal Injury claim & Personal Injury compensation ?

The Personal Injury Claims Process

Claims Assist Ireland is registered by the Financial Regulator to undertake insurance mediation and we deal with all insurance  companies and their representatives. Acting in your best interests and working with our expert network of legal and technical  specialists nationwide, we can prepare and submit your claim for personal injury compensation directly to the Injuries Board.
Whether its a slip and fall accident or road accident claim the process of submitting a claim for personal injury is rarely  simple and is not forgiving when accident details or key information is missing or not correct. Claims Assists personal injury team compile the claim information and deal directly with the insurance companies involved or if the case is brought before the courts our personal injury solicitors provide the guidance and support you need to initiate your recovery & the full accident compensation allowed.


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