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Many Burglary thefts are committed by someone local to your area, who noticed that you left a window open, and know it takes 20 minutes for you to take your children to school or go to the local shop and get home again. This is all it takes for the thief to get in, take cash, jewelry, phones and electronic goods.

If you are away from your home for a prolonged period of time, larger and more expensive items such as tv’s, furniture and even vehicles can be taken along with the possibility that your home will be vandalized in the processed as well.

Burglary Theft and Malicious Damage Claims

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Having your home burgled or maliciously damaged can be very distressing experience, not only because of the loss of your possessions and damage to your home or property, but also for the awful feeling that someone uninvited had been in your property and gone through your things. The thought of the invasion and violation of your home can be worse than the actual loss of your property. Unfortunately insurance provides only for the actual loss or damage caused, not for the emotional upset. To add to the feeling of your home being violated the burglary insurance claims procedure under your homeowners insurance or other policy is rarely straightforward and simple.

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Contact a company such as Claims assist to undertake the burglary insurance claims problems that vary from the burglary insurance claims process, the incident specifics, Garda crime reference numbers, security measures at your property – were they active or inactive when the Theft occurred ? Burglary insurance claim but no receipts, the variety of factors that can complicate or have a burglary or Theft claim denied are endless. Having Claims assist Ireland loss assessors to represent & manage your burglary insurance claim is paramount to a satisfactory outcome & the full theft insurance claim settlement. For help and advice call 0818 929 555

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Claims Assist Loss Assessors can minimize the impact of this traumatic event by helping you deal with your burglary claim or Theft claim through expert claims management communicating with the Insurance Company, gathering all the relevant data, looking after all the paperwork and making sure that you get the full compensation you are entitled to.

If you arrive home and you realize that a burglary has occurred at your property, call the Gardai and do not touch anything. Be aware that you will need a crime reference number if you intend to make a burglary claim or a Theft or Malicious Damage insurance claim.
Our best advice is for you to call Claims Assist Loss Assessors for specialist burglary insurance claims advice on the theft insurance claim process. The initial consultation with our burglary insurance claims expert is free advice without any obligation.

When making a claim you will need to make a list of everything that is missing and preferably back your list up with receipts or photographs of the missing items. Having, for example, your engagement ring stolen is bad enough but not being able to prove you even owned it, is worse. This is one of the most common burglary insurance claims problems when homeowners burglary insurance claim with no receipts leads into problems with the insurance company or loss adjuster.

If a door or window was forced or damaged during a burglary you will obviously need to repair the damage quickly, but it is best to contact your insurance company first and get approval for the door or window damaged during the burglary or you will have to pay for the repairs yourself.

– When the locksmith company replace the damaged lock – keep the removed old lock as this can be shown to the insurance company loss adjuster if they wish to see [A] – The damage that occurred to the lock during the burglary  [B] – The locking system was as detailed on your policy (i.e. – 5 lever mortise, etc.).

Do not dispose of any other damaged items or property as the insurance company’s adjuster may wish to inspect it (such as the lock*). You will also need to get estimates to cover the costs of replacing stolen goods or items.

If you are unsure of what to do or how to submit a homeowners insurance burglary claim, Theft or Malicious Damage to Property Insurance Claim, then call Claims Assist Ireland Nationwide on 1890 929 555 and we will take care of the entire burglary insurance claims process, from start to finish.

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