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Claims Assist Loss Assessors will ensure that you get the best possible settlement within the terms of your Insurance policy.

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Damage Assessment

The Loss Assessor will survey the extent of visible and probable damage, and submit costings based on current building rates to quantify your loss.

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Settlement Negotiation

Our team of Insurance Loss Assessors will fight strenuously on your behalf to ensure you get your maximum payout entitlement – without delay

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Insurer’s Liability

Claims Assist Loss Assessors use our expertise to determine your insurance company’s liability to pay you for your loss. Don’t leave it to chance!

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Claims Assist Loss Assessors will ensure that you get the best possible settlement within the terms of your Insurance policy.

As Insurance Assessors we specialise in all types of property damage claims.  Some of the typical calls we get from homeowners are due to damage caused by fire, flood, storm, burst pipes, oil leaks, chimney fires, burglary, lightning etc. We are independent loss assessors & business loss assessors who provide a nationwide service across Ireland.

Home Claims Assistance

Business Claims Assistance

Important advice on reporting an insurance claim

If you decide to report the claim yourself beware! When you ring your insurance company whatever you say is recorded and will effect their final decision on claim liability.

You will be asked a lot of important questions, and in a highly stressful situation you could give answers which are not strictly based on facts but merely on your assumptions, which could be incorrect or mistaken but nevertheless they could turn out be very harmful to your position and could later be used as an excuse to refuse your claim.

All contracts such as insurance policies and their conditions are subject to interpretation and if you say something about your claim circumstances that provides an opportunity for insurers to interpret it in a manner that allows them to reject your claim, then they will grasp at such an opportunity enthusiastically. A Loss Assessor represents you professionally in a Claim.

If you have to go to court you have a legal right to get your own solicitor to act and speak on your behalf, similarly in a claim situation you are entitled to get an insurance loss assessor who is a claims specialist. Claims Assist Loss Assessors Ireland will act on your behalf.

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