Specialist Oil Spill Insurance Assessors

Cleaning up even minor oil spills can be end up being a very costly affair.  Our advice is to check with your insurance company that you have adequate home insurance in place to cover costs associated with oil spills and oil leaks in your home.

Aspects of an oil spill insurance claim can include the following;

  • Specialist Site Assessment.
  • Cleanup of the oil spill & oil leak damage.
  • Repairs to the property once all contaminated ground has been removed.
  • Alternative accommodation while works are carried out etc.

We at Claims Assist are specialist Oil Spill insurance assessors with vast experience in managing Oil Tank Leak insurance claims on a Nationwide basis.

Oil spill insurance coverage

Some of the recent oil spill and oil leak insurance claims we were called out to involved;

  • Oil spill from an oil tank with damaged pipework, Dublin
  • Oil leak from boiler, Co. Limerick
  • Oil spill from a split oil tank, Dublin
  • Leaking oil tank valve, Galway

Does Home Insurance Cover Oil Spills? YES

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Claims Assist Ireland Oil Spill Insurance Assessors

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To enable both home and business owners deal with oil spills & oil leaks  – read on below to make contact with our 32 county fast response oil spill clean up companies. Our experience can provide you with the best advice & a turn key solution to put your home and property back to its original state – pre contamination.

The YouTube video below shows one of the typical oil tank leak insurance claims we are called out to in Dublin. If undetected, a small oil leak from a damaged pipe can cause substantial damage to your home.

Initial steps to take upon discovering an oil spill or an oil leak at home.

If you have discovered an oil leak form your oil tank or oil boiler, the following action should be taken immediately;

  1. Locate the source of your home oil leak or home oil spill
  2. Stop the oil leak and reduce the oil spill by shutting off valves. If a home heating oil tank has been knocked or blown over, return tank to an upright position.
  3. If your home heating oil tank is cracked and leaking oil, stem the flow. This can be done by gently rubbing a bar of soap along the crack/fracture. Another option is using strong adhesive tape to temporarily repair the oil leak. These methods are only temporary measures until an Oil Clean Up Specialist arrives.
  4. Spread absorbent materials across the surface of the oil spill (sand, peat moss, newspapers)
Domestic oil leak claims Ireland

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If you find oil spill damage at your home or suspect an oil leak, we suggest acting quickly by:
  • Contacting one of our specialist oil spill clean up contractors.
  • Source an oil leak clean up company that offers a FREE SITE SURVEY.
  • The site survey will determine the extent of your home oil spill damage, its environmental impact & associated health concerns.
  • This is your best chance to get clear-cut definitive advice on your home oil leak from a specialist oil spill company.
Oil Spill Insurance Assessors

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One of the top oil spill clean up companies we use that provide a free site survey is Nationwide Oil Leaks.
They are nationwide service providers, from Galway, Mayo, Limerick and Cork across to Waterford, Kildare, Meath and Dublin.
Call – 0818-929-555 to speak to a specialist house insurance assessor now.