roperty damage at your building can have a catastrophic effect on your business and your ability to trade.  Below we have listed the variety and types of damage that might occur and as a result you are filing an insurance claim for property damage & have instigated the insurance claim process with your building insurer. As a business owner you understand the constraints on your time during a normal week so devoting some of your time to a complex insurance claim and all that it entails is time best spent on the myriad of other issues you likely face after a damage incident has occurred.  Contacting a loss assessor will be evident in the results of the claim, similar to complex legal matters & going to court – you wouldn’t represent yourself ? –

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Business Property Damage Insurance Claim

Claims Assist Ireland are expert insurance loss assessors that specialize in:

  • property flood damage claims
  • property storm damage claims
  • property wind damage claims
  • property fire damage claims
  • All types of building damage and property damage insurance claim management

We provide business owners with – a ‘no win – no fee’ claims handling service & a ‘turn key’ service on insurance claims for your business in all of the areas of property damage & buildings damage detailed below. Claims assist Ireland are Nationwide independent loss assessors offering our expert claims management service in Dublin – Cork – Limerick – Galway – Sligo – Tullamore & everywhere across Ireland


Storm Damage is something that is frequently experienced in Ireland & the resulting storm damage insurance claims are very common. If you experience storm damage at your building or commercial premises you will often be required to carry out emergency storm damage repairs, in order to prevent further damage to the property. It is essential to get Expert advice and assistance when dealing with storm damage repairs as Storm damage is often structural damage caused by gale force winds which can result in flooding and rain water accessing the property. Unfortunately, damage can occur as a result of wear and tear (particularly to flashing and flat roof coverings) and this is not ‘storm damage’ and is therefore excluded from the cover provided by the insurance policy. Similarly, damage to gates and fences is excluded.
Claims Assist Loss Assessors can help you recover from unexpected storm damage and claim for your insured costs and expenses along with providing specialist repair contractors to do the works. The first step when filing a claim for storm damage ? – Contact Claims assist Ireland for a successful outcome to the property storm damage claims process.

Flood Insurance Assessors


Water damage at your business – whether from a flood or an escape of water – is highly disruptive and can threaten the survival of your company. You don’t just have to deal with the damage to your premises but you also need to get your business up and running again as quickly as possible, fulfil existing orders and work to retain your customers.

At the same time, you face a complicated insurance claim. This is where Claims Assist can help.

We are professional loss assessors who specialize in commercial insurance claims following a flood or an escape of water. Our team of expert claims handlers understand the problems you face. With their expert advice and guidance, you will receive the maximum settlement you are entitled under the terms of your insurance policy.

How Claims Assist will help with your commercial flood damage or water damage insurance claim

Our experienced team of claims handlers will give you the advice and help you need to get through this complicated process. As part of our professional claims management service, we will:

  • Negotiate interim payments to maintain cash flow and cover emergency costs, such as re-stocking, replacement plant/computers etc and staff wages.
  • Find alternative offices, warehouse or factory.
  • Find temporary storage, equipment or vehicles.
  • Manage emergency works.
  • Assess damage and loss, and compile your insurance claim, covering fixtures and fittings, buildings, contents, stock and tenant’s improvements as appropriate.
  • Calculate accurately your business interruption claim, including loss of profits and increased cost of working, using our expert forensic and consequential loss accountants.
  • Deal with the insurance company and all their professionals on your behalf – their loss adjuster, investigator, surveyor, engineer, contractors, solicitors, etc.
  • Oversee the building re-in statement works. In short, we take the pressure off you and your management team so you can focus solely on your business.

When should I contact Claims Assist?

Claims Assist Loss Assessors & Insurance Claims Consultants can provide assistance at any stage of your property claim. We can help in the immediate aftermath of the incident or some weeks after if you are experiencing problems with your insurers. But the sooner we get involved the more we can achieve for you.

Whatever your business, and wherever you are in the claims process, Claims Assist can help. However, the sooner you get us on board the sooner we can start making things happen for you to ensure you receive the maximum pay out you are entitled to. The first step when filing a claim for flood damage ? – Contact Claims assist Ireland for a successful outcome to the property flood damage claims process.

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Burst pipes can occur for a number of reasons the usual being frozen water pipes in the winter months causing pipes to split & burst. The resulting damage when pipes thaw & begin to leak into your building can have serious immediate concerns for a business with leaks, smells & issues with electrical systems etc. These are some of the primary problems but business owners often omit secondary damage caused by water seeping into spaces that are not immediately obvious.

Water getting into the wrong places can cause structural damage, rot, mold, let mildew develop, rust problems and even fires from unnoticed electrical damage.

Burst pipe, pipe leak or washing machine overflow can cause water damage ranging from a small stain on a ceiling or floor boards warping , to a full on catastrophe that causes damage to the entire property.
All of the above will cause difficulty to trading in your place of business for most enterprises


Left untreated, oil, diesel or kerosene can have long terms effects on concrete foundations, floors or walls of a property.
This poses a significant risk of contamination to the subsoil, sub floors, and can cause noxious smells which are harmful if left untreated. Furthermore issues can present dependent on the gradient of the site or your property which can contribute to the migration of the oil leak, for which a Business owner can be held liable. It is possible for an oil leak to move on water and find the lowest point on the ground. There are many factors to be considered when an oil leak incident occurs making advice & counsel from a public loss assessor essential to ensure concise reporting on the damage & bio remediation that will be required at the site.


Your first step when you have a damage of any kind to your property and place of business , contact Claims Assist Ireland 0818 929 555 – for your free initial site visit & our registered public loss assessor will advise & walk you through the claim process ensuring you get the maximum from your policy & cover. We are there through the whole claim process to meet loss adjusters & negotiate a maximum settlement on your behalf that covers all loss to your property & business.
This will allow you to concentrate on what you should be – trading & carrying out ‘business as usual’ while our team do what we do best – Submit, administrate, negotiate & win the maximum amount to cover everything in the insurance claim.
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