The Source

Over the years we have found there are many sources and causes for a water damage insurance claim in your home. Varying from a storm damaged roof to a leaking mains water pipe, untold damage can be done in a short space of time. On the ground, it can cause your floor tiles to crack and lift or your hardwood floors to warp or buckle. In the attic, water leaking from a damaged water tank or copper pipe can be the cause of a ceiling collapse. A leaking pipe from your shower tray, toilet or bath can cause bathroom flooring damage along with damp water stains on your ceilings beneath your bathroom.

Burst Pipes and Water Damage Insurance Claims

Evidence of an underfloor leak

Cracked tiles due to underfloor leak assessed by the team at Claims Assist Ireland

The Signs

There are tell-tale signs of water leaking in your home where it should not be. Noticing rising damp on your walls above your skirting boards being one. Another is mould or the presence of fungus. Rotting floorboards, warping of your wooden floors, bubbling of your laminate flooring, floor tiles cracking or lifting are all symptoms of an underfloor leak. Staining on your ceiling from a leaking shower tray or bath is a common sign of a leak in your bathroom or ensuite.

The Solution

Call Claims Assist Ireland!!

At Claims Assist Ireland, our skilled and experienced Loss Assessors are on hand to help you through your insurance claims journey. With our knowledge in Home Insurance, Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying & Construction we are the market leaders in property damage claims management. Our detailed and in depth measurement of property insurance damage ensures you receive the maximum claim payout to which you are entitled, under the terms of your home insurance policy.

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We work hard for you, the insured, so that you don’t have to.

Leak in Mains Water Pipe.

Sprung a leak? Call us for information on what to do next.

Heres just some of what we do..

  • Knowing and understanding your policy document to ensure your maximum payout entitlements are reached.
  • Completing paperwork and liaising with your insurance company’s appointed loss adjuster.
  • Compiling a detailed list of the damage incurred at your property.
  • Activating the allowance of temporary accommodation if your home is uninhabitable due to an “escape of water”, “oil leak”, “fire damage” etc.
  • After many years in the construction and insurance industry we can recommend skilled and reliable specialist contractors to carry out the repair works at your home if needed.
  • Most importantly, negotiating the claim settlement that you are entitled to receive from your insurance company.
  • Offering peace of mind and advice on what your options are when you need it most.



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