Increase in Home Insurance Policy after a claim.


Increases in home insurance policy after a claim. Don’t let an increase in your home insurance policy deter you from making an insurance claim. Here we answer some of our most asked questions when it comes to insurance renewal. Firstly, its all relative?! In a word  - NO!!! Over time we have had many clients who believed that the sum received in an insurance pay out was relative to the increase at the time of renewal. For example.. Insurance company payout amounted to €10,000, this would result in an increase of €100. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. The amount you receive [...]

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Loss Assessors in Dublin


Need a Loss Assessor in Dublin? Here we are!! Claims Assist Ireland have a team of experienced Loss Adjusters in Dublin who are on hand to help. Backed by years of experience in both the Insurance and Construction industry, we are market leaders in our field. With vast knowledge of claims arising from water leaks (escape of water) to fire and smoke damage we are confident in our ability to pursue your home insurance claim. If you find yourself affected by damage to your property your first call should be to a Loss Assessor. Your Loss Assessor will advise on the [...]

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Loss Assessor in Galway


Do you know why you need a Loss Assessor in Galway? Well you may not, but we do!! As a market leading Insurance Loss Assessor in Galway City and County, we know our value when it comes to your claim. Our service is INVALUABLE. Wether your claims arises from a leak in your bathroom or fire damage we can help. Our Loss Assessors are experts in the area of property damage and property loss. Allow us to assist you in dealing with your home insurance company and their loss adjuster. Signs you may have grounds to submit a home insurance claim [...]

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Loss Assessors in Limerick


Need a Loss Assessor in Limerick, give us a call at Claims Assist Ireland. Claims Assist attend a house damaged by fire and smoke. A market leading team of Insurance Loss Assessors, we are experts in the management of all types of property damage claims. Our clients contact us when they have experienced loss or damage to their home or property. If you are Limerick based and believe you have a reason to make a home insurance claim call us for advice and assistance. Fire and smoke damage cause substantial damage in your property. Water leaks from pipes or [...]

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Loss Assessors in Athlone


Do you need LOSS ASSESSORS in ATHLONE?? If you are in the Athlone area and need the help of a professional Loss Assessor CALL US!! Cracked tiles due to underfloor water leak. Claims Assist Ireland are one of Irelands most reputable insurance loss assessors. We deal with claims ranging from water leaks to house fires. Chimney fires to oil leaks. Home invasions to malicious damage. Our company has assisted many homeowners in their time of need. A Loss Assessor is imperative to any home insurance or property damage claim. For advice on your home insurance claim in Athlone or [...]

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Avoiding Under Insurance


Avoiding Under Insurance - Valuing your Property Avoiding Under Insurance when valuing your home is imperative. Throughout my time as an insurance loss assessor, I have encountered many homes which have been grossly under insured. Often not an intentional money saving scheme, but as a result of not having the tools to calculate correctly. Calculating your insurance premium When insuring your home, your property should be insured for its REBUILD VALUE. Quite often, the property is mistakenly insured for the RESALE VALUE. This in turn leaves the homeowner under insured by up to 50% in some cases. In making an insurance [...]

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Is your insurance cover worthless? – PRICE Vs COVER


In hard times when many Irish homeowners are stuck for cash and mortgage providers are hounding them, and also seeking evidence of their home insurance in place, some seek out the very cheapest home insurance option without assessing the content. Unfortunately it transpires with perfect hindsight that clearly many of these policies are not fit for purpose. They may have an excessively narrow range of cover with an excessively broad range of exclusions. The temptation for homeowners when comparing insurance quotes is to choose the cheapest policy, but this can mean buying an unsuitable policy, experts say. Brian Brown, principal [...]

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