Increases in home insurance policy after a claim.

Don’t let an increase in your home insurance policy deter you from making an insurance claim.

Here we answer some of our most asked questions when it comes to insurance renewal.

Firstly, its all relative?!

In a word  – NO!!!

Over time we have had many clients who believed that the sum received in an insurance pay out was relative to the increase at the time of renewal. For example..

Insurance company payout amounted to €10,000, this would result in an increase of €100.


The amount you receive in an insurance claim settlement is not reflected in your renewal costs.

Wether your claim amounts to €5,000 or €50,000 there will be an increase in your home isurance premium. This is due to the effect on your no claims bonus.

Will I lose my no claims bonus?

This depends on your Insurance Company.

Various companies offer various solutions when it comes to your No Claims Bonus.

In the event you have step back bonus protection included in your policy your NCB is protected somewhat. Where a full 5 year no claims bonus has been built up, only three years of it will be removed. This is called Stepback Bonus Protection.

In the case of AXA Insurance, the opportunity to rebuild your full NCB over a three year period is offered. After your claim payout and renewal following claims settlement you are entitled to

10% off after year one

15% off after year tow

30% off after year three

Similarly, FBD Insurance offer a stepback no claims discount protection if the level of no claims discount is above 35%.

 Is it worth making a Home Insurance Claim?

In conclusion, the short answer is ASK THE EXPERTS.

If you have the grounds to make an insurance claim due to an issue on your property, call us.

What you deem as a ‘small job’ could in fact cost thousands to repair. The increase in your insurance renewal may be only €50.

Put mildly, It takes a lot of fifty euro notes to clean up €5k worth of damage.

If you need advice on any aspect of making a home insurance claim call Claims Assist Loss Assessors on 0818 929 555.