Defective Foam Insulation was the focus of a recent Sunday Times article which featured Loss Assessor John Mannion of Claims Assist Ireland Loss Assessors.

Preceding the article , written by Patrick O Donoghue, was an event our client will not forget in a hurry. Having their home pumped with defective cavity foam insulation led to cracks which ‘left the home fit only to be demolished’. The homeowners were at the end of their tether. To date, Claims Assist Ireland are an integral part of this ongoing insurance claim.

Having vast experience in the home insurance claims industry, we’ve seen it all!

In recent times, the variety of claims range from the domestic bathroom leak to a fire damaged home. Peoples lives can be destroyed by such an event. Losing your belongings and seeing your home in ruins is devastating. Our Claims assessors aim to make the claims process as

 Environmental changes have brought many claims as a result of storm damage or coastal flooding. Clients have been left with homes which are uninhabitable.

An example of a recent storm damage claim comes to mind. A 70 (yes 70!) foot tree was uprooted by strong winds. On falling, it landed on an a kerosene oil tank in our clients back yard. The oil tank was damaged. This resulted in a large volume of home heating oil being spilled into the ground. Serious & costly damage was done. Our client called us. Our Loss Assessor reported the claim to the insurance company.

A visit to the site of the damage and a meeting with the Loss Adjuster was arranged. A scope of works was compiled and agreed upon by both parties. We liaised with the Loss Adjuster and the insurance company over the course of the claim. Terms were promptly agreed and the damage repaired.

In short, an important point to remember is that your Claims Assessor is a specialist in home insurance claims management.

At Claims Assist we manage your damage!

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