Chimeny Fire

A chimney fire is the most common cause of serious loss, damage and expense to a homeowner.

Suffering all of the weather changes that come with our lovely Irish climate causes stress to our chimneys. This stress from elements such as fire, wind, rain, storms can cause cracking. As can expansion of the flue liner in hot weather. And the oppisote effect of contraction and thermal shock in cold weather.

Example: Boiling water at 100 degrees will cause a glass to crack. Imagine what a fire burning at 900 degrees will do to your chimney liner. Eventually this has the potential to cause a chimney fire.

Chimney Fire Insurance Assessors

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Chimney Fire Damage

When to report damage ??

In some causes there may be a very obvious reason for a crack in your chimney. A recent chimney fire being the most. This and an emergency visit from your local fire brigade to assist in extinguishing the flame.

Damage such as wear and tear or faulty workmanship are not covered in your insurance policy.

Some damage you may not notice until it is ‘too late’. Damage deemed to be older than 28 days may cause the insurers to refuse payment on the grounds of late notification. For this reason any damage needs to be reported to your insurance company as soon as possible.

What happens next?

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