Lightning strike damage to electrical equipment

As nationwide insurance claim loss assessors, we are finding that the need for lightning damage insurance claims is getting more common each year.

In the last month alone our insurance assessors have been called out to a number of power surge insurance claims & thunder and lightning insurance claims in Galway, Dublin, Tipperary and Mayo.

If your property has been damaged by a lightning strike or fire, call our loss assessors now to report your insurance claim and ensure you get a maximum payout entitlement from your insurance company 0818 929 555

Lightning Strike Fire Damage & power surge insurance claim

Thunder and lightning information.

The map below shows the number of lightning strikes over Ireland on a single day (3rd September 2016) .

It is also worth noting that a typical lightning strike contains 1 billion volts, so once this makes contact there will be extensive damage!

Lightning Strikes In Ireland – Claims Assist Loss Assessors

Does homeowners insurance cover lightning damage?

The first thing you should do in the event of lightning strike damage, after making sure the property is safe, is to call a registered and experienced claims assessor such as Claims Assist Ireland.

Our nationwide team of “NO WIN NO FEE” insurance assessors will report your claim immediately and we can put you in touch with a local registered electrician who will assess both the nature and extent of damage. The electrician will then need to provide a specialist electrical report which will form the basis of your insurance claim.

After meeting your insurance company’s representative called the loss adjuster, Claims Assist will then gather and submit all the information, both from the electrician and any other specialist contractors along with compiling a comprehensive scope of works and costings plus documenting and photographing all damaged equipment.

With our extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of insurance companies, loss adjusters and property claims, we will ensure that all the resultant damage is claimed for from the lightning strike. As with most lightning strikes, the extent of damage is not obvious until comprehensive tests are carried out.

Lightning strikes can not only cause damage to electrical appliances and electrical wiring but it can also start fires, blow holes in roofs, destroy chimneys and damage foundations.

If your chimney is damaged as a result of lightning or you need a quote for chimney crack repair costs, you can call our network of insurance repair specialists on 0818 929 555. CCTV Inspections of chimney flue liners can also be carried out when necessary

Does home insurance cover chimney repairs? – Call us now for free advice

There are certain times of year when electrical storms are more common. The most prevalent time is the summer due of the extra heat and the increase in cumulonimbus. This is a type of cloud that lightning strikes occur  from.

Lightning damage insurance claim advice and help

We always advise people to invest in a surge protector. This common piece of electrical equipment that plugs into the wall protects computers and other equipment from sudden lightning strikes. If you have suffered from a lightning strike or thunder and lightning damage and you had no surge protector fitted, make sure you take notes, get receipts and photos of all damaged equipment as this will help validate your insurance claim. Our loss assessors will include all this information along with necessary reports in your insurance claim and discuss with your insurance company’s loss adjuster.

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