At Claims Assist Ireland we specialize in commercial insurance claims & claims management for businesses. Contact our Nationwide team of public registered loss assessors on 0818 929 555 to discuss the event & loss and arrange your initial free consult with our professional & experienced staff. You wouldn’t represent yourself in a legal matter & similarly Insurance claims are complex, drawn out & difficult negotiations that having an expert Allie will ensure a speedy resolution with the maximum payout applicable under the terms of your policy / policies. Your insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster to handle your business insurance claim & minimize their loss through detailed examination of the policy, cover, and specifics of the incident & how it was reported. Make sure your business gets the maximum settlement in a quick time frame to any business insurance claim, property damage claim or business interruption claim – Claims assist loss assessors provide the answer !

Call our home insurance assessor team today on 0818 929 555

Business claims assistance and advice

Our ‘No win – No Fee’ service includes the following for all home insurance claims:

1. We will meet you at your earliest convenience to discuss the circumstances surrounding your insurance claim.
2. Our insurance claim help includes a Review of the policy cover.
3. Inform you on what you are entitled to under the terms of your home insurance policy, this allows you to concentrate on getting your home back to normal while we professionally handle your insurance claim.
4. Our home insurance assessor will Advise you on emergency measures if possible or required.
5. Our home insurance claim process includes Advice on steps to get the damage repaired or loss recovered again as soon as possible. Allowing you to get back to normal.

6. Notify your insurance company of the claim.
7. Meet your insurance company’s Loss Adjuster at the property.
8. Provide our panel of leading experts & contractors – all insurance industry approved
(Chartered Engineers, Chartered surveyors, approved building & repair contractors, Drain & chimney CCTV survey companies, etc.)
9. Calculate and compile the claim to include all losses suffered as a result of the insured peril.
10. Negotiate the claim with your insurance company’s Loss Adjuster to ensure you get the best possible settlement.
11. Ensure the cheque is paid without delay. Keep you informed of all the developments throughout the course of the claim.

These are 11 Steps to a satisfactory outcome to your insurance claims & recovering your loss.

Claims Assist – Insurance Repair Network

Claims Assist appreciate that the satisfactory resolution of your insurance claim comes with the high quality repair to your home or business, this is the cornerstone of our success. All our contractors must satisfy the high standards expected by our clients/policy holders.
Claims Assist have a panel of insurance approved specialist contractors, enabling us to provide nationwide coverage with high standards of service and workmanship. These contractors are also highly experienced with insurance related work and provide the best specifications for your maximum insurance entitlement.

We will provide:

  • Disaster restoration equipment and emergency cleaning
  • Insurance approved contractors for small works
  • A specialist surveyor in the event of a major loss or disaster

At this stage in the claim process Claims Assist can agree the best form of settlement for you under the terms of your policy. You may want to carry out alternative or additional works, upgrade your property or receive a cash settlement.

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