As experienced Loss Assessors, we have dealt with many different types of fire damage claims. In a situation where your home or business is damaged, it is hard to know where to turn next. Hiring assessor after house fire – Call Claims Assist Assessors for more information.
  • Does my insurance company cover us to stay in a hotel?!
  • How long does my insurance policy cover our hotel for?!
  • Is long term alternative accommodation after a house fire an option?!
  • Will my fire insurance assessor be able to negotiate this?!
Panicked, frightened and frantically thinking where will we stay!
These thoughts are alarming on a normal day but when you suffer the loss of your home or business they are magnified and alarming. This is where Claims Assist Loss Assessors come into the equation – and an equation it is, including the insurance company, the Loss Adjuster and your Loss Assessor.
From reporting the damage to your insurance company, to assisting in reading your insurance policy and your insurance entitlements, we have seen it all. We are here for YOU. Loss adjusters work on behalf of your insurance company, a Loss Assessor works for you, the insured party. This is why we would always recommend hiring assessor after house fire.

What even is smoke damage?

How is smoke damage repaired or measured?!

How to get the smell of smoke out of my house?

After a residential or commercial fire, there is a huge sense of loss. We understand that your family home, your belongings and important legal documents have been destroyed and items of sentimental value such as your wedding dress, invaluable family photos have been smoke damaged.
Seeing your personal belongings in a state of disrepair is gut wrenching and upsetting. Our experts are on hand to help in a manner which is sympathetic, efficient and unwavering. We are here to help.
Is electrical fault fire covered in insurance

Hiring assessor after house fire

For assistance in your fire damage claim, call us – We are here to help.

Questions often asked are things like ‘will my insurance company pay for the fire brigade?!‘ or ‘how long will it take to settle my fire damage claim?‘ – the answers to these questions are individual to each policy holder. Taking the worry out for your hands, our team will report your insurance claim for you and in turn advise on any questions that you may have.
When your house fire insurance claim has been settled, it is quite daunting to start again.
We have built up a wealth of knowledge and have dealt with many reliable local contractors across the country.
Answering questions like:
  • are my build costs covered by my home insurance policy
  • do my insurance company recommend a construction company
  • should I find my own contractor to rebuild after a house fire
  • will I need an engineers report for insurance company
  • who is going to rebuild my home
Over the years we have handled fire damage claims caused by candles,  overheating phone chargers, electrical fires sparked by faulty appliances to major house fires caused by charging ports for electric cars.

Does my insurance cover fire brigade costs?

As Nationwide Service Providers, Claims Assist are your No. 1 Local Insurance Assessors who can manage your property damage claim from start to finish.

Whether you are looking for “Loss Assessors near me”, “Local Loss Assessors” or “Loss Assessors in my area”, Claims Assist can be the answer to all your questions.

Claims Assist Loss Assessors – our aim is to support your claim.

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