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Rate your Insurance Company on how they deal with insurance claims and complaints!

To ensure you get fair treatment from your insurance company when making a claim, you need the services of a claims expert. One such expert is Claims Assist Ireland. We are a reputable insurance claim management company with vast experience in property damage insurance claims. We are always happy to pass on our home insurance advice.

Irish policyholders can suffer major headaches when dealing with Insurance and Insurance Claims when they need to make a claim under their policy. To make matters worse they can get financially stung with unfair and unjust insurance contracts and claim handling practices.

This is not just our opinion but also the conclusion of the Irish Law Reform Commission in their 2015 Report. This was published in the Irish Independent.

You will never know how good your insurance policy is until you need to make a claim. Many people are shocked to find how they are treated by Insurance Companies and their claims handlers in a claims situation.

Buying an insurance policy from an unreliable and difficult insurer is like buying a car that will break down just when you really need it!

Home Insurance Advice

Are you being treated unfairly by your Insurance Company?

As Registered Insurance Claim Loss Assessors we deal with all Insurance Companies on a day to day basis. We are perfectly positioned to provide feedback on what a particular Insurance Company is like to deal with in claim situations. Feel free to contact us for an expert opinion on Insurance Companies or just free insurance claims advice. There are some good insurers out there but unfortunately there are some very bad and difficult ones too!

For home insurance advice Ireland or to discuss your home insurance options, contact us on 1890 929 555

FBD have been fined €490,000 by the Regulator in the past and more recently Axa have been fined€675,000

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