Business and Commercial Insurance Assessor

A commercial business owner suffering loss or damage to their property have many concerns. The first of these concerns often being limiting the effects of said damage. Claims Assist will act as your business and commercial insurance assessors.

Second is to get the business reopen as quickly as possible. Part of this process is to engage a public loss assessor like Claims Assist. Claims Assist will act as your business and commercial insurance assessors.

We will report your commercial fire damage claim immediately. Claims Assist process as efficiently as possible.

Most business owners will not have experienced a commercial fire damage claim before. They will not know exactly what they are entitled to under the terms of their commercial and business insurance policy.

As fire damage claim specialists, we will assist you in all areas of your business claim.

This includes:

  • Buildings fire damage.
  • Fire damaged stock.
  • equipment fire damage.
  • Business interruption.


The first loss assessor survey is completely FREE and carried out within 24 Hours.

Our team at Claims Assist Ireland will be on hand immediately to guide you through the rest of the commercial fire damage process.

Claims Assist Ireland have the experience, ability and resources to help you. Through the process of making your business and commercial insurance claim we will help and advise you.

Loss of Business can be detrimental to most business owners. At Claims Assist know Speed of Service is of vital importance.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims Assessors

Our qualified and regulated team of Business and Commercial Insurance Assessors have ample experience to deal with the most complex of commercial & business claims.

We will:

  • Assess the damage to your business including hidden damage.
  • Contact your Insurance Company on your behalf & insist on having their nominated Insurance Loss Adjuster on-site within 24 hours of claim notification.
  • Dispatch specialist fire damage assessors who will meet the loss adjuster at your business.
  • Compile a claim for you under the Business Interruption element of your policy.
  • Assist you in all paperwork requested from your insurers.
  • Prepare & compile a detailed scope of works and costings of the associated damage
  • Negotiate the maximum settlement for you under the terms of your insurance policy.
  • Provide our clients with our large network of insurance repair contractors
  • Offer 24 hour advice on project and remedial work.
  • Stages of an insurance claim with Claims Assist Ireland
  • Work quickly & efficiently to get your business reopened and fully functional as soon as possible.

Business Interruption policy cover does not apply automatically.

It is usually an extension to your property insurance policy.

These business interruption claims contain several components.

You need to make sure your specific peril cover has business interruption extension.

Contact our team of Business and Commercial Insurance Assessors on 1890 929 555.