Filing an insurance claim with AXA

Have you suffered home fire damage, burst pipe water damage or oil leak damage? Don’t worry, Claims Assist Insurance Assessors are here to advise you on the “Axa insurance claim process”

The AXA claim policy allows them to appoint their own repair contractor, so they can effectively send unknown contractors into your home, if you intend filing an insurance claim with AXA. As a result, unfortunately you the home owner have no control over the damage repair contractor or the scope and quality of the insurance repair works. This is one of the terms & conditions of an AXA insurance policy that is unfair to some homeowners filing an insurance claim with AXA particularly for repair or replacement of a specialty item or part of a building because if their panel of appointed contractors do not carry out these works they can put it back to the insured to find a contractor.  Having a loss assessor from the Claims assist team on your side will make sure AXA claims policy is not treating you unfairly.

Water Damage loss assessors

How Long Does an Insurance Claim Take with AXA?

The fact that AXA can appoint their own repair contractor, in many instances makes it difficult to ascertain how long they take to settle claims. However, in Axa claims that we have been involved in, we have had generally average claim settlement times when dealing with AXA.

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Note: AXA are also the insurers working under the AIB home insurance umbrella.

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