Living the new build dream..

When you see the word ‘insurance’, your eyes may glaze over but READ ME – I could be saving you a lot of heartache by offering you the claims advice you need! insurance advice needed

Being in the new-build / self-build bubble – deciding on finishes, arranging furniture, surrounded by a comfort blanket of newness – it is easy to get lost in the security of all you have achieved.

That is until the day your perfect new build or labor of love reno let’s you down. You need insurance advice.

The bubble burst..

When you discover that your beautiful “Farrow and Ball” paint is flaking off your wall due to dampness as a result of water damage, would you know what to do?!
Water damage on wooden floor assessed by Claims Assist - insurance advice when needed.

Water damage insurance claim.

The hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern that you agonized over was buckling because of an underfloor leak – would you know where to go next?!
The stove your hubby said you didn’t need but you insisted on, (you had visions of snuggling up on your L shaped couch, remote in one hand, wine in the other), was the cause of a scorch mark on your expensive karndean floor. It will cost a fortune to replace.
Or the heat has caused a crack to appear in your chimney and now you need chimney repairs. Its okay – we know what to do. We will advise on your insurance entitlements.
There’s a leak in the shower and your marble tiles are cracked. Disappointing. To say the least.
Worst case scenario, your home is fire or smoke damaged. Your world upside down. You need help.

Not all superheroes wear capes..

This is where your Loss Assessor will be your fairy godmother, or godfather as in this case. Experienced in managing all types property damage insurance claims and advising you on your entitlements, our experts will set your mind at rest.
From reporting your property claim to advising on local contractors, we can advise on all stages of rebuild or redecorating.

How much should I insure my house for ???

An important point to note for home owners renewing your home insurance –

Always insure your home for the rebuild value, NEVER the resale value.

Fire Damage Insurance Assessors

I have had a house fire, what do I do now?

Did you know – Most home insurance policies are subject to a condition called “Average”.

This means that in the event of making a home insurance claim, your settlement payout is reduced proportionate to the level of under insurance if the Sum Insured, at the time of loss or damage, is less than the full value.

In other words, if your home is underinsured by approximately 25%, this means that your insurance company can deduct 25% off any claim payout you may have!!!

It is vital that you re-assess the level of cover on your home every year, based on current rebuilding costs, making allowance for any improvements or extensions that you may have made since your last
renewal date. For further information, visit the SCSI website for current rebuild costs

When you need us, we’re there..
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When you experience property damage to your home, call our claims assessors on  0818 929 555 for expert help and information.
You spent so much time making decisions for your property, don’t make this decision one you will regret!
When insurance advice is needed, contact the professionals.
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