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Claims Assessor


 Defective Foam Insulation was the focus of a recent Sunday Times article which featured Loss Assessor John Mannion of Claims Assist Ireland Loss Assessors. Preceding the article , written by Patrick O Donoghue, was an event our client will not forget in a hurry. Having their home pumped with defective cavity foam insulation led to cracks which ‘left the home fit only to be demolished’. The homeowners were at the end of their tether. To date, Claims Assist Ireland are an integral part of this ongoing insurance claim. Having vast experience in the home insurance claims industry, we’ve seen it all! [...]

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Increase in Home Insurance Policy after a claim.


Increases in home insurance policy after a claim. Don’t let an increase in your home insurance policy deter you from making an insurance claim. Here we answer some of our most asked questions when it comes to insurance renewal. Firstly, its all relative?! In a word  - NO!!! Over time we have had many clients who believed that the sum received in an insurance pay out was relative to the increase at the time of renewal. For example.. Insurance company payout amounted to €10,000, this would result in an increase of €100. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. The amount you receive [...]

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Summer Fire Hazards


Summer sunshine is great! The heat on your Factor 50 covered skin is a welcome feeling. The smell of BBQ lingers in the air. Children splashing in padling pools and  spraying water guns, all full of mischief and fun. Summer fire hazards are far from your mind. But - and there's always a but!! That Summer sun can sometimes be a hazard in ways which we didn't consider. In recent years Claims Assist have aided clients in processing insurance claims caused inadvertently by the sun. In one case, a mirror inside a window reflecting the suns rays caused curtains to catch [...]

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Loss Assessors in Dublin


Need a Loss Assessor in Dublin? Here we are!! Claims Assist Ireland have a team of experienced Loss Adjusters in Dublin who are on hand to help. Backed by years of experience in both the Insurance and Construction industry, we are market leaders in our field. With vast knowledge of claims arising from water leaks (escape of water) to fire and smoke damage we are confident in our ability to pursue your home insurance claim. If you find yourself affected by damage to your property your first call should be to a Loss Assessor. Your Loss Assessor will advise on the [...]

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Loss Assessor in Galway


Do you know why you need a Loss Assessor in Galway? Well you may not, but we do!! As a market leading Insurance Loss Assessor in Galway City and County, we know our value when it comes to your claim. Our service is INVALUABLE. Wether your claims arises from a leak in your bathroom or fire damage we can help. Our Loss Assessors are experts in the area of property damage and property loss. Allow us to assist you in dealing with your home insurance company and their loss adjuster. Signs you may have grounds to submit a home insurance claim [...]

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Loss Assessors in Limerick


Need a Loss Assessor in Limerick, give us a call at Claims Assist Ireland. Claims Assist attend a house damaged by fire and smoke. A market leading team of Insurance Loss Assessors, we are experts in the management of all types of property damage claims. Our clients contact us when they have experienced loss or damage to their home or property. If you are Limerick based and believe you have a reason to make a home insurance claim call us for advice and assistance. Fire and smoke damage cause substantial damage in your property. Water leaks from pipes or [...]

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Loss Assessors in Athlone


Do you need LOSS ASSESSORS in ATHLONE?? If you are in the Athlone area and need the help of a professional Loss Assessor CALL US!! Cracked tiles due to underfloor water leak. Claims Assist Ireland are one of Irelands most reputable insurance loss assessors. We deal with claims ranging from water leaks to house fires. Chimney fires to oil leaks. Home invasions to malicious damage. Our company has assisted many homeowners in their time of need. A Loss Assessor is imperative to any home insurance or property damage claim. For advice on your home insurance claim in Athlone or [...]

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Under Insurance


Time and time again we deal with the issue of Under Insurance.   The Term Under Insurance means exactly what it says on the tin. Your property is not insured for its correct value. In a recent article RTE Business Journalist, Brian Finn, shone a light on the importance of correctly insuring your property. What does Under Insurance mean in the event of a claim? For example: You have had a water leak at your home and you need to make a claim Your Claims Assist Loss Assessor will meet the Loss Adjuster assigned by your Insurance Company. The Loss Assessor [...]

Under Insurance2023-02-04T13:14:10+00:00

House Fire Insurance Assessor


Essential reading for any homeowner who wants to avoid a house fire. A recent article published in the Independent.ie titled "How to avoid the devastation of a House Fire this Christmas" by Paul Hyland. As we know, it is important to heed this advice all year round. At Claims Assist we are all too familiar with the devastation of a house fire. From smoke damage to extreme fire damage resulting in the demolition of your home. We have seen it all. As always, prevention is better than cure. It is wise to heed the advice given by the National Directorate for [...]

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Insurance claims Ireland


When it comes to the business of ‘insurance’ – do you know what you're talking about? Our Loss Assessors are experts in the industry. Call Claims Assist for help and advice in the event of an insurance claim. Sitting down to write this segment, it occurred to me that as a topic Insurance is broad. And confusing. The terminology! The insurance speak!! The fine print!!! HELP. And that’s what we are here for. Claims Assist have many years in the Insurance industry. A world of knowledge and an air of empathy are exactly what you need in an insurance crisis. For [...]

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