Agricultural & Farming Insurance Claims

As nationwide insurance claim loss assessors, we at Claims Assist Ireland have helped Farmers up and down the country with various types of farm, property and livestock insurance claims. As experts in farming and business insurance claims we ensure that our clients  get 100% of their entitlement from their insurance company and at the same time getting a swift settlement.

The Irish farmer lives and works in a multi peril environment from an insurance aspect and makes a significant contribution to the insurance industry annually. Livestock, farm buildings and related services require significant capital investment for which insurance is essential. By his nature the Irish farmer is very loyal to his service providers (including insurance companies) but unfortunately that loyalty has not been repaid in recent times by the manner in which many insurance claims are settled.

Agricultural & Farming Insurance Claims

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Farm Insurance Assessors

A farm is a business that is continuously growing in and it is important that farmers have the correct insurance cover in place.
Farm insurance cover differs from other types of property insurance cover as it is necessary to insure the potential loss of livestock and crops, machinery & sheds and outbuildings. This allows a sizable degree of error which may incur under insurance penalty’s if the

  • Full rebuild cost of buildings is not declared
  • size of livestock heard or value of same is not declared
  • correct value of machinery and plant updated to your insurers

There also are a range of different exclusions which might apply should a loss or event occur. These are usually detailed in the small print of policies.

The Insurance Loss Assessors at Claims Assist Ireland are experts in dealing with all types of agricultural and farm insurance claims such as :

  • Storm Damage to Outbuildings.
  • Storm Damage to Mushroom Tunnels.
  • Storm Damage to Wind Turbines.
  • Haybarn and Outbuilding Fires.
  • Haybarn and Outbuilding Floods.
  • Hay and Straw.
  • Agricultural Produce.
  • Business Interruption.
  • Bulk Storage.
  • Farming Machinery, Plant and Equipment.
  • Livestock.

If you suffer a farming insurance loss in any of these areas Claims Assist Ireland offer you our expertise and dedication to get the maximum policy settlement to which you are entitled in line with your contract of insurance.

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