Storm Damage Loss Assessors Galway

If you have suffered storm damage or flood damage, call now on 1890 929 555 to report your claim.

In the aftermath of storm season there has been a surge of flood damage and storm damage up and down the country.

For this reason we received many calls from members of the public. Hence we have realised that in the situation of flooding people don’t know what to do or where to turn for information on the flood insurance claims process.

Having your flood insurance claim denied is the worst case scenario.

For advice on how to deal with the aftermath of a flood or dealing with your insurance company you can follow these 6 tips:

Flood Damage Insurance Claim Tips

  1. First thing to remember – Never engage with insurers without getting professional claims advice first from a registered public loss assessor. In a claim situation it all comes down to the small print in your policy and its interpretation. As experienced claim professionals we know what is covered and what is not.
  2. In addition contact us before reporting your flood or storm damage claim to your insurance company. Information that you may provide could jeopardies your position. Calls to your insurance company are recorded!
  3. Given these points, to ensure that you receive a successful maximum claim payout, it is better that as nationwide registered public loss assessors report your claim. We will handle all dealings with the insurance company’s representative known as a loss adjuster. The loss adjuster is hired and paid for by your insurance company.
  4. As claim professionals we will negotiate the claim settlement conditions, rates and costings to ensure you receive your maximum entitlement.
  5. Follow our expert advice on the best methods and the best contractors to use to get your home or property repaired as quickly and professionally as possible.
  6. In conclusion, we have a nationwide network of specialist claim professionals, flood remediation experts and contractors available. Call us now for free advice 1890 929 555