Galway and many West coast counties feel the wrath of storm Eleanor when combined with worst high tide flooding in half a century

Within the last week many Galway business owners and residents were taken by surprise as storm Eleanor blew in from the Atlantic with wind gusts of up to 140 kph recorded.  The timing of that event could not have been worse as a full moon high tide occurred on the same evening. The result has been coastal damage and further flooding in many areas in Galway city with local surface flooding inland.

Flooding insurance claims denied

The Media article below from the Irish Independent gives an accurate description of the turmoil caused by this storm reaching areas as before not flooded in Galway and all along the West coast of Ireland. What is not accurate are many ‘insurance industry’ spokespeople (Including some insurance brokers, insurance company’s and loss adjusters )on local and national media inferring that all flood insurance claims will not be accepted or insurance companies are not liable across the board or in some blanket manor – This is not true and each case is individual & our best advice is to contact Claims Assist insurance loss assessors Galway for some advisory counsel that is based on your business flooding damage claim or home flood damage claim. Do Not just believe that all flood insurance claims denied are the same, or apply to your situation.

Business interruption claims for flooding – Galway property damage claims, water ingress and the cause of your flood damage or storm damage

Furthermore the cause of damage to a building or property may be other storm damage with gale force westerly winds and severe/damaging gusts & trees falling causing storm damage to properties these are separate causes to flood damage and just some of reasons we can help with your insurance claim. So if your reading this and thinking “how to fight home insurance claims” – Pick up the phone or drop us a mail and get unbiased advice about your property damage insurance claim in Galway or indeed any county across Ireland.

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