Allianz Insurance Claim Assessor

When filing an insurance claim with Allianz, home owners should remember that there are numerous exclusions in the policy. For example “all risks” cover does not actually mean what it says, because of the limitation and conditions imposed within the policy. Allianz are also the insurers for PTSB policies.

You should call Claims Assist Ireland before you register your claim who can provide a complete “one stop shop” service. We can report your claim, negotiate settlement and provide an approved insurance repair contractor.

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Confusing house insurance claims advice from Allianz

We also have received quite a few comments of confusing instructions on the Allianz website & policy documentation under the section that details what to do when making a claim. Here is the exact text from the Allianz website:

Who To Contact In The Event Of A Claim:
You may be asked to obtain an estimate for the repairs or replacements required. You will need to obtain written confirmation of the cause of damage from a contractor. Please do not obtain an estimate or report without our approval as this cost is not covered by your policy. An estimate or report may not be necessary for your claim.”

So basically you might be asked to get a damage estimate, you will need to get a written damage estimate / report, Please don’t get a damage estimate / report & finally – you might not need a damage estimate / report.

It is highly confusing for policy holders making a claim against an Allianz policy. To cut through the confusion, contact Claims Assist for professional insurance claims advice that is on your side.