Summer Fire Hazards


Summer sunshine is great! The heat on your Factor 50 covered skin is a welcome feeling. The smell of BBQ lingers in the air. Children splashing in padling pools and  spraying water guns, all full of mischief and fun. Summer fire hazards are far from your mind. But - and there's always a but!! That Summer sun can sometimes be a hazard in ways which we didn't consider. In recent years Claims Assist have aided clients in processing insurance claims caused inadvertently by the sun. In one case, a mirror inside a window reflecting the suns rays caused curtains to catch [...]

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Business and Commercial Insurance Assessors


Business and Commercial Insurance Assessor A commercial business owner suffering loss or damage to their property have many concerns. The first of these concerns often being limiting the effects of said damage. Claims Assist will act as your business and commercial insurance assessors. Second is to get the business reopen as quickly as possible. Part of this process is to engage a public loss assessor like Claims Assist. Claims Assist will act as your business and commercial insurance assessors. We will report your commercial fire damage claim immediately. Claims Assist process as efficiently as possible. Most business owners will not have [...]

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Fire Insurance Claim Assessor


Fire Insurance Claim Assessor If you are in the unfortunate position of suffering from house fire damage, chimney fire damage or smoke damage in your home, call a fire insurance claim assessor. Claims Assist Ireland know exactly what to do after a house fire to ensure you receive a full and fair settlement from your insurance Company. Claims Assist ensure that when dealing with your insurance company and your insurance claim for fire damage, you get your full settlement entitlement. We can also ensure your insurance claim processed as quickly as possible. Claims Assist will carry out a comprehensive fire damage [...]

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Fire damage insurance claim assessors


As specialist fire damage insurance assessors, Claims Assist are vastly experienced in managing all types of fire damage insurance claims. We have helped many home and property owners on a Nationwide basis. Some of the typical fire damage insurance claims we are called out to include; kitchen fire insurance claims electrical fire damage chip pan fires Candle fires chimney fire and smoke damage Lightning damage Gas stoves Any type of fire damage to your home or business is an extremely traumatic, distressing and costly experience. Furthermore, fire damage insurance claims can be quite complex compared to many other property damage insurance [...]

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