Insurance advice needed, new-build issues


Living the new build dream.. When you see the word 'insurance', your eyes may glaze over but READ ME - I could be saving you a lot of heartache by offering you the claims advice you need! insurance advice needed Being in the new-build / self-build bubble - deciding on finishes, arranging furniture, surrounded by a comfort blanket of newness - it is easy to get lost in the security of all you have achieved. That is until the day your perfect new build or labor of love reno let's you down. You need insurance advice. The bubble burst.. When you [...]

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Hiring assessor after house fire


HELP WITH HIRING ASSESSOR AFTER HOUSE FIRE. FIRE DAMAGE ADVICE NEEDED??? As experienced Loss Assessors, we have dealt with many different types of fire damage claims. In a situation where your home or business is damaged, it is hard to know where to turn next. Hiring assessor after house fire - Call Claims Assist Assessors for more information. Does my insurance company cover us to stay in a hotel?! How long does my insurance policy cover our hotel for?! Is long term alternative accommodation after a house fire an option?! Will my fire insurance assessor be able to negotiate this?! Panicked, [...]

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Help with my Fire Claim


HELP WITH MY FIRE CLAIM! Claims Assist Ireland is a market leader in the management of property damage insurance claims. As Nationwide service providers, we have helped many home and business owners down through the years. Whether you need help with a fire claim, burst pipe water damage, an oil spill insurance question or need to report a chimney fire - we are here to help you!! Once you contact Claims Assist, you can be confident in the knowledge that you are in the hands of an expert. Our team of Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Building Professionals & Insurance Assessors are vastly [...]

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House Fire Assessors Kildare


House Fire Assessors Kildare The following review is from a home owner in Co. Kildare that we recently helped after they suffered a major kitchen fire & house fire incident. As specialist house fire insurance assessors in Kildare & Nationwide, we provide fire damage assessments in helping homeowners achieve a maximum claim settlement under the terms of their insurance policy. "After a major kitchen fire in our home in Naas, Co Kildare, my family and I suddenly found ourselves extremely traumatised, homeless and being completely overwhelmed by the whole experience. We didn’t know who to ring first, should I ring a [...]

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Fire Damage Loss Assessors Limerick


Fire Damage Claim | Insurance Loss Assessors Limerick Fire damage to any home or property can be an extremely stressful and costly experience.  After ensuring the safety of you and your family, there is an immediate worry of getting your home back to its original condition. Our vastly experienced Fire Damage Loss Assessors Limerick can help you. Claims Assessor Limerick Fire damage claim specialists No. 1 Insurance Assessors for fire damage assessment. With any fire damage insurance claim, there are two main elements that need to be considered; Primary Damage = Damage is caused by direct flames to the building or [...]

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House Fire Insurance Assessors


House Fire Insurance Assessors Our house fire insurance assessors were called to a fire damaged house in Co. Limerick. The homeowners were forced to call the local fire brigade during the night after noticing flames and smoke over their kitchen range. The house fire damage was caused by a large chimney fire. A build up of soot in the void behind the range caught fire and it smoldered away for hours undetected. The intense heat cracked the chimney and allowed extensive fire and smoke damage in the kitchen and throughout the house. This is a typical example of a house fire [...]

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Home Burglary Insurance Assessors


Home Burglary Insurance Assessors Dublin, Galway, Limerick. Homeowners are mistaken in thinking their home insurance policies cover all financial losses in a burglary and theft claim. Unfortunately this is not the case. Your insurance company will only cover insured losses suffered. These losses are then subject to policy excess deductions and under-insurance deductions (where applicable). Best Advice for prevention of a home burglary The best advice therefore, is that prevention is better that cure. It is certainly the most cost effective and least traumatic from the home owner’s perspective. The most recent statistics taken from the Central Statistics Office recorded crime [...]

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Oil Spill Insurance Assessors


Specialist Oil Spill Insurance Assessors Cleaning up even minor oil spills can be end up being a very costly affair.  Our advice is to check with your insurance company that you have adequate home insurance in place to cover costs associated with oil spills and oil leaks in your home. Aspects of an oil spill insurance claim can include the following; Specialist Site Assessment. Cleanup of the oil spill & oil leak damage. Repairs to the property once all contaminated ground has been removed. Alternative accommodation while works are carried out etc. We at Claims Assist are specialist Oil Spill insurance [...]

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Filing an insurance claim with Allianz


Allianz Insurance Claim Assessor When filing an insurance claim with Allianz, home owners should remember that there are numerous exclusions in the policy. For example “all risks” cover does not actually mean what it says, because of the limitation and conditions imposed within the policy. Allianz are also the insurers for PTSB policies. You should call Claims Assist Ireland before you register your claim who can provide a complete “one stop shop” service. We can report your claim, negotiate settlement and provide an approved insurance repair contractor. Report your Allianz Claim here. Confusing house insurance claims advice from Allianz We also [...]

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FBD insurance claim process


FBD Insurance Claims Process Looking for advice on the FBD Insurance Claim Process? Have you suffered: home fire damage burst pipe water damage oil leak damage Don’t worry - Our team of expert at Claims Assist Insurance Assessors are here to advise you on the “FBD insurance claim process” When you file an FBD insurance, professional advice from a Public Loss Assessor like Claims Assist is essential.   Call Claims Assist Loss Assessors now -  We can advise on an insurance claim against any policy you are making. We have the knowledge to ensure your home insurance claim is settled as [...]

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