Fire Damage & Smoke Damage Loss Assessors

Fire damage and smoke damage to your home or business is emotionally and financially draining, not to mention incredibly time-consuming especially when dealing with Insurance Companies and all the paperwork that goes with it! Claims Assist Ireland are experts in fast tracking your insurance claim and ensuring you get your maximum payout entitlement from your insurance company. Our expert loss assessors are there to advise you what to do after a house fire or any other property damage claim.

We provide a Nationwide independent insurance assessor service and our claim assessors in Limerick, Cork, Galway, Waterford and Dublin are all ready to take your call and progress and manage your house fire insurance claim. Lo Call 1890 929 555

Below is footage of a kitchen house fire we were called out to recently. Our assessor on site uploaded to our YouTube Channel to give you an idea of the damage a fire in a house can cause.

Employing the services of specialist fire damage insurance assessors such as Claims Assist Ireland will take the stress and strain away from you and your family. We make a real difference to the claim progression &  claim payout of your house fire insurance claim.

The claims management team at Claims Assist will speed up the claim process and ensure you get the maximum settlement you are entitled to under the terms of your policy, leaving you to concentrate on your family and business.

Some of the common questions we get asked by clients with house fire insurance claims are;

  1. What type of damages caused by fire are covered?
  2. Can we recommend a company for repairing fire damage?
  3. How long do kitchen fire insurance claims take?
  4. How to get rid of smoke smell after a fire?
  5. Do Claims Assist provide “house fire no insurance help” or “Kitchen Fire insurance claims tips?
  6. How long does it take to process a house fire insurance claim?

Fire and smoke damage insurance assessors

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Kitchen fire damage claim advice

Kitchen Fire Damage

When you report a fire & smoke damage claim to your insurance company they will appoint their own insurance loss adjuster who will assess the claim on their behalf. This insurance loss adjuster will then visit your fire damaged property to interview you and your family on the events surrounding the fire and they will also require you to fill and sign various documents. A series of photos and measurements of the property will be taken and then they will investigate the loss further by getting specialist reports from engineers, forensics etc. Based on all this info they will then recommend if any settlement should be paid out by your insurance company.

Differences between insurance assessors and insurance adjusters

Independent insurance assessors and insurance adjusters work on opposite sides of an insurance claim. Loss Assessors only represent the public never the insurance companies. Neither the public loss assessor or loss adjuster is independent. They are both employed to represent their clients opposing financial interests. In a claim scenario, the Public Loss Assessor (PLA) attempts to extract the maximum & fair payout entitlement from the insurance company. The Loss Adjuster sole role is to minimise the claim payout or refuse the claim where possible.

Insurance companies prefer if their policyholders do not use public loss assessors. This allows them & their loss adjusters to get away with greatly reduced claim payments when dealing directly with “amateur” property owners.

How can an Insurance Assessor help?

Claims Assist can advise you on to how to deal with home fire insurance adjusters. We can also provide tips for dealing with fire insurance adjusters.

All too often secondary fire damage (smoke damage / water damage) gets overlooked and ignored by loss adjusters. One of our main roles as fire insurance claim assessors is to point out and illustrate all the fire & smoke damage, both obvious and hidden.

It is a widely known fact that settlements, in general, are much lower than the amount you could have received with the use of a claims assessor.

As registered insurance claim assessors and public loss assessors Claims Assist only represent you the policy holder, never the insurer.

We make sure all the obvious damage is claimed for along with the hidden damage that will eventually appear (mould growth, failure of electrical components due to smoke damage, contamination, rusting, general deterioration etc)

What does a Public Loss Assessor do?

An insurance loss assessor will;

  • Attend site meetings with the loss adjusters at the fire damaged property.
  • Prepare, compile and negotiate a maximum claim settlement for their clients under the terms of the insurance policy.

Claims Assist handle all aspects of house fire insurance claims. From reporting the claim to your insurance company to chasing the settlement cheque until it comes to your letter box.

Stages of an insurance claim with Claims Assist

Fire Damage Assessors Dublin

Loss Assessors fees

Insurance Loss Assessors generally work on a “no win no fee” basis.  Loss assessor fees are generally a percentage of the successful claim settlement, typically in the region of 10%.

Insurance companies will not cover claim preparation fees such as loss assessor fees, surveyor fees & other professional costs involved in ‘proving or preparing’ an insurance claim. However, the increased payout a public loss assessor can bring substantially exceeds their 10% fee. In fact, in many cases, an assessor can increase a claim settlement by 30% – 60%. In general, insurance assessors more than cover their costs.


It is absolutely essential when making a fire claim to obtain the professional advice from a Public Loss Assessor (PLA). This will ensure a fair & equitable insurance claim settlement.

Contact us at Claims Assist Ireland for further details on our Nationwide Insurance Assessor services that we can offer you.

Our Claims Management Team manage all types of fire damage insurance claims. Some of which include;

  1. Kitchen fire damage
  2. House fire damage
  3. Chimney fire assessments
  4. Commercial fire & smoke claims
  5. Electrical fire claims

Call our Loss Assessors in Galway, Limerick, Tipperary, Mayo & Dublin for your free fire in kitchen advice and fire insurance claim site assessment. We will advise you on what to do after a house fire. Our claims management team will meet up with your insurance company’s loss adjuster. We will undergo in depth negotiations on scope of fire & smoke damage repairs and costings. We will ensure you get 100% of your payout entitlement in a swift manner.